A Personal Experience with True Friendship

It is difficult to explain friendship. This is something people do not need to learn at school. Everyone learns the importance of friendship early in life. No matter how much academic success, anyone who doesn’t know anything about friendship is not learning about anything. True friends are those who get to know their colleagues and fellow classmates, can understand the struggles and give them the opportunity to grow. Understanding and being understood is a hallmark of true friendship (Pak 2012).

My life experience has taught me that I have met fascinating friends with amazing friendship stories. All revolve around the need to understand. Bill was a popular high school boy who had many talents and abilities. Bill was an extraordinary bright boy and interacted with everyone was great. The boy clearly tried to make friends with everyone in school, whether they were teachers or fellow students.

The high school was a boarding college, so everyone seemed to be missing their family members back home. Bill found that the school environment did not make a difference to his home situation. He was the most well-known guy in the compound and enjoyed interacting with everyone. Bill’s speech was also very clear, which gave him the advantage of being understood when he spoke. I remember clearly when Bill would win school debates with the majority of students supporting his view. Even if his argument was incorrect, students would still appreciate it. Bill’s eloquence, and outspoken personality were the reasons Bill received so much support from his fellow students during school debates.

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