Accepting Failures – My Greatest Achievement in Life

Morihei Ueshiba once stated, “Failure’ is the key to success; every mistake teaches us something.” Everyone loves success but not everyone accepts failure. Learning to accept my mistakes has been my greatest accomplishment in life. It is my motivation. It helps me be more decisive and wiser when choosing the actions I will take.

Growing up has shown me the truth. There were many times when I was not a good student or a good daughter. But, there were also times when I tried to be the best version of me. I felt that my failures made me feel less smart and incapable of accomplishing the things I needed. It made me feel ashamed and that everyone could judge me based on my failures. I reached a point where I was afraid of failure and began to think about what my life would look like if I didn’t feel so pressured to succeed.

My mother and I spoke for a while on the way home from work until one night. My mother asked me if she had ever imagined living in a fairytale where everything is perfect. She answered me without hesitation. I was surprised because I expected her to answer “Yes.” So I asked her “Why?” It’s much easier to live in fairy tales than in reality. It is our failures and challenges that make us complete. It provides us with valuable lessons that we can use in our daily lives and in our own lives. It makes life more exciting. You don’t have to give up on all your dreams just because you’ve failed. Your failures can help you become a better person than you are now. She said, “Let the world know that no matter how many failures you have had, you can still achieve success.”

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