Today’s society is not the same as it was ten years ago. Society changes with people. Problem is, the society that our grandparents lived in with their parents is not the same one that we live with today. Two major social problems are affecting young people today. These social problems include violence and drugs, which are considered common today. Although it’s not something you want to do, it’s inevitable because these problems are everywhere. One runs the risk of being exposed to people who are doing drugs or fighting if one goes to a party. Some do this to rebel against the society in which they live, while others do it to show others they are cool. These two social problems can co-exist, even though they are often linked. Teenagers are becoming more addicted to drugs in our society. Preteen and teenage drug abuse is the most critical years in maturation.

These years are crucial for adolescents as they must discover their identity, define their sexual roles, accept authority, and find meaning in their lives. Teenagers are vulnerable and curious, and they are often tempted to try drugs. Teenagers are influenced by peer pressure, curiosity, availability, and a host of other factors. Addiction to drugs among teenagers can lead to depression and suicide. Teenage drug abuse is a result of a desire to fit in. Nobody wants to be the one who isn’t participating. Nobody wants to be excluded. Sometimes they resort to reckless decisions like using drugs to hide their insecurity. They don’t consider how drugs can make you feel isolated from your family and friends. They don’t see beyond that one party to see the possibilities of how it could all turn out. Maybe they don’t know anyone who isn’t using drugs and can’t see how much better their lives could be without it. Teens who live with a group of friends who smoke and do drugs often fall into the same trap, which increases their likelihood of using drugs. Finding another friend group is the best way for teens to cope with this. Teens will feel less pressure to use drugs if they have a friend who isn’t involved in drugs. You are like the people with whom you associate.

Teens’ increasing use of drugs is also due to their curiosity and boredom. Many people use drugs to get a thrill because they don’t have anything else. People who make these decisions often find that drugs can be a waste of time and are painful. The reality is that drugs don’t make the situation better. Because they are curious about the effects of drugs, they experiment with them. It is human nature to experiment. You can test them out to determine if they are right for you. In recent years, another major concern has been the rise in violence among youths, which can often lead to death, all over the globe. There is alarming evidence that young people are committing more violence against children, women and elderly. This includes abductions, molestation and road rage. This epidemic has raised serious concerns for parents, families, and the general public.

Media, which mainly consists of television and cinema, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful influences on today’s young minds. Today’s vulnerable youth are exposed to a media that has much to offer in violence and vulgarity. The youth may be influenced by scenes of violence and gore in TV and film. These thoughts can lead to real-life death. Media plays an important role in the influence of youth and can be used to increase awareness among them. Media has the potential to educate, inform and empower the masses in order to stop the spread of violence among youth. Instead, the media should be used to channel the positive energy of youth into constructive molds.

There are many controversies and disagreements today on social media, media, and at the governmental level. Many young people spend a lot of their time on social media, writing or posting irrelevant information about politics, government and other nonsensical topics that are not worthy of being addressed. It is so depressing to see a young boy at the cyber café. He could only watch pornographic videos, and photos. This begs the question: Is it the fault or peer influence of the parents, or the children themselves? Today’s society is filled with social vices, and all kinds of negative behaviors. How can we teach our children about the wrong morals and practices they are engaging in?

Social problems cannot be solved in a matter of seconds. Teens are more likely to use drugs and become violent than their parents. This requires the cooperation of all members of society, including parents. As a society, we must fulfill our responsibility to teach the next generation what is right and what is wrong in the world. Only then will we be able to move forward as peaceful planet.