Discussion on The Question of Who is an Ideal Person

Ideal people are those who exhibit ideal physical and emotional balance, behaviour and attitude, moral values and personality. Practically, the combination all of these wonderful characteristics is rare in a person. It is difficult to find the ideal person. This essay focuses on the characteristics that make someone ideal.

First, a person who is ideal must be in good physical and emotional health. Good health requires that the person wake up early, go to bed early, and do some exercise every day. A person must have the ability to maintain a healthy balance between happiness and sorrows. Without this, it is difficult to be happy in all aspects of life. The second key feature is how a person interacts with others and responds to different situations.

This type of person must also possess the virtues love, kindness, and compassion for others. He or she must be friendly, respectful, and social. An ideal person must also have a positive attitude. This will allow him or her to handle various situations and obstacles with calm and cool manner without compromising the interests of others. People think that helping someone else is only possible if they get something in return. A perfect life is one that is lived with the intention of helping others. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone smile.

The ideal person is not self-centered and living in their own bubble. The ideal person must always be mindful of the virtues of compassion and humanity toward others, not just to make them smile or ease their pain. A person who is ideal should not bully, mock or annoy others just to enjoy the pain of seeing them in pain. The crowns of an ideal person’s personality and moral values are third.

To be able to be followed by others, one must have the qualities of honesty, integrity, corruption-free mindset, sincerity and dutifulness in their professional, personal, and social lives. It is almost impossible to find all of these positive virtues in a person in real life. It is therefore almost impossible to find the ideal or perfect person. No matter how many times we try, there will never be one person who has all of these positive qualities.

We are all destined for extraordinary things. There is a way to make our lives meaningful, even in the middle between death and birth. Morally and ethically, I believe that being a good person is making the right decision regardless of what others are doing. Nevertheless, sometimes the deterrents in life seem to outdo our abilities, and we often take this to heart. Hindrances are also individuals who abuse others. Instead of taking every negative thing that happens as an individual attack on your character, remember one thing: You’re a decent person

A person who acts with love, joy, harmony, considerations, goodness, goodness, quietude and tolerance is considered a good person. They are also someone who is steady and bears all the burdens. It is someone who acts with discretion and sees others as more important than themselves. This person is someone who is a good companion, an excellent audience member, and who displays uprightness nobility as well as responsibility towards self and others. The individual is not judgmental, has no record against others and walks in forgiveness and understanding of others. This person does not insult, but rather goes to bat for someone. This person might not be a doormat but a true companion. This is a rare breed of person today. If you do find one, you should keep going with him. He or she is trustworthy and can be trusted to be a true companion.

A decent person doesn’t determine your religion, nationality, shading, societal position, or political views. It is only about your choices. If you don’t respect your decisions, others will also be affected. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will find others to be disgusting. You will find your own flaws quickly if you begin to look for them in others. Furthermore, addressing your own shortcomings is the first step to improving yourself as an individual. In fact, I used the phrase “getting to become”, which implies that decency doesn’t come from birth, but is a choice.

While I believe there is no such thing as a decency person, there are things like minding and humble beings. I believe that human beings cannot be moral or good enough not to be good people. History and modern times have shown us that our inner contemplations are more intense than our genuine love for others. A person isn’t a decent person if they do something worthwhile. A cop who spared prisoners from a theft but took another life should not be praised as a good person. A specialist who helps patients but furtively charges them for useless treatment should not be considered a good person.

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