How free were free blacks in the North Essay Example

How free were free blacks in the North? This is a question many of us have asked ourselves. This is a question that is opinion based really; it depends on what you think. I believe that they weren’t free enough. Sure they were ‘free’ but they weren’t free to do as much as the whites could so technically they weren’t free enough. I believe that they were not free enough because they couldn’t do as much as the whites.The ‘free’ blacks in the north were not free enough with their political freedoms. They did not have the right to vote so they were not free with the whites; they also could not be president. Just because they were a different color the whites looked at them differently and they could not do anywhere near as much with them in the political fields. Therefore the ‘free’ blacks were not free enough, with the political they also could not do anything with the political freedoms such as being the legislative branch and other branches. With the political freedoms not being free enough the economic freedoms weren’t good either.Furthermore, the economic freedoms were not free enough either. The ‘free’ blacks had a hard time owning their own property because they had a hard time getting a job because they were “different” because they were black and not the normal white. Just because they were a different color they had to be treated differently. They could barely get a job at the simplest place to work because they were ‘free’ but not free enough to this reason. With not being free enough in both the political and economic freedoms they were also not free enough in their social freedoms.Lastly, the social freedoms that they had were no better than the economic and political. Their social life was not good at all, they couldn’t eat a restaurant with the whites, and they had to be put on the other side of the restaurant. The blacks couldn’t even go to church with the whites. The blacks had to have their own church built for them so that they could do what they wanted instead of learning the same ways of the whites with their religion ways.In conclusion, the blacks were not free enough. They should have been able to do whatever a white man/ woman could do, but no, they had to have their own rules of being free. The free blacks in the north were not free enough. They should be able to do whatever as long as it was the same law abiding as the whites had. Therefore I believe that the free blacks were not free enough in the north because they had different rules than the whites had which I find not to be very fair.

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