Human being are striving for a way of life Essay Example

Human being are striving for a way of life. It is in a human nature to make every effort for him to be called a worthy person. Besides, who among us are not trying to live life worthy? A worthy person is the one who embraces obligations in life. When a man born, responsibilities are born with him together. That obligations implies service. Thus, service requires actions. People might have different ways of responding their obligations in a way that it is in their hand on how to comply their responsibilities. Responsibilities is whatever you know you have most reason to do, and what you want to constrain yourself to do because you are aware of this.Life is full of endless opportunities, but in order to transform an opportunity into a reality we have to choose-sacrificing the wants in order to attain the need. Nothing is gained without something dutiful. In addition, there are something in your life that you want to keep or treasure. And most of us are treasuring our family. Family is the place where we live with ones we care, we love, and we value, wherein we do certain action for the sake of something to whom we love. Indeed, we choose to sacrifice in order to keep them. We human are rational being that have an ability to choose of what is right. It is in love of human kind that Kant is eager to acknowledge that even most of our actions are in conformity with duty but if we look more closely at the intentions and aspirations in them we everywhere come up the dear self, which we always turning up. And it in this way that the purposed is based and not too much with the strong command of duty. So we can act in accordance with duty, but without being motivated by duty. Kant controversially claims that this applies just as much to doing good things for other people when that is what we want to do and enjoy doing. Doing good things for others is right and should be praised and encouraged, but these actions don’t necessarily have moral worth. If someone was to do something good for others even when they didn’t want to, but just because they believe that it is the morally right thing to do, that would show that they have a good will. So to have a good will is to do one’s duty (what is morally right) because it is one’s duty (because it is morally right).Self-sacrifice is the product of our choices. However, how could this self-sacrifice become morally act at the same time as a duty?