Millennium Essay Example

Millennium This new year was supposed to be different. It was supposed to be something bigger and better than all the past new years. So much for the chaos, destruction, and giant celebrations that were supposed to happen. With all the hype built up around this new years, its no wonder that it seemed to be such a disappointment. For myself, it was like every other new years; although, I must admit that all the speculation and predictions made the ball drop a little bit slower than usual.

I had heard about the religious cults, terrorists, and overly concerned people taking drastic measures and making ridiculous predictions about the “new millennium”. Bombs were going to go off all over, banks would crash, electricity would shut down, and people would return to the dark ages and loot and riot all day and night. The less drastic predictions included atms spitting out money into the street, and people would be billed for a hundred year conversation if they were on the phone when the clock struck twelve. Although they are more believable than some predictions, I have yet to see the day when an atm shoots money out into the street (wouldnt it be nice?). Honestly, I think the people who bought bottled water and stock-piled canned goods had let the media hype get to them, and they werent thinking clearly. I only know one person who joined in on the millennium madness and that was my crazy aunt. She bought a shotgun and learned to shoot it just so she was ready when the world as we know it came to an end (as if a shotgun, or any other gun for that matter, could have stopped that).

When she told our family at Christmas time we all passed each other funny looks and laughed very loud on the inside. My own hopes for the new millennium were very simple; I just wanted to be at an ATM when it shot out money. That didnt happen, so I guess Ill have to say that I hope only that the new millennium brings good health and good fortune to me, my family, and my friends. I dont expect to see the end of the world in my life time and I dont think its coming any time soon. I cant say that I was concerned with the millennium bug or feared very much about the year 2000.

Millions of dollars were spent so that absolutely nothing special happened this new years, and it seems to have worked. Y2K was nothing all that special to me, and I guess Im happy about that, though. While mass destruction and chaos is always fun, I think Im glad that every thing went along smoothly.