Mother Loves Me Essay Example

Children usually form a powerful and unseparable bond with their family. These fortunate angels get all the love and attention they call for. But for children less fortunate, they are also in need of love and care. For example, Jerry, a twelve year old orphan in the short story A Mother in Mannville by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, had experienced his young life without a family. He was sent to the orphanage at the age of four. However, as he started to spend time with the writer who lived in a cabin below the mountains, Jerry felt a great maternal affection towards her. They became very close and, hence, developed a strong relationship between them.

For Jerry and all children, a child’s true wish is for their mother’s love. A period of time after Jerry had been with the writer, he developed a strong affection towards her. One night, sitting with the woman in front of the warm fire, Jerry became sentimental, telling her that she looked a little like his mother. He told a moving story about his mother, who lived in Mannville, and how she always sent gifts to him on Christmas and on his birthdays. But the story was later revealed that Jerry never had a ‘mother in Mannville.’ He fabricated the lie because he loved the writer just as much as he would love his own mother. Jerry felt that the woman was very close to him, and being with her gave him a warm feeling-a feeling like home.

Even the writer’s dog, Pat, was intimate and never barked at him. To Jerry, the writer and Pat were a part of his life. If Jerry never felt this kind of motherly love from the woman, he would not have lied about his ‘mother in Mannville.’ In other words, if the writer was not as nice and understanding, Jerry would not have lied. He would never want a mother who does not care about him. When Jerry lied about his mother, he wanted the writer to realize that he was really referring to her as his ‘mother.’ There was no distance between them and Jerry always felt safe and comfortable to talk to her.

But if Jerry never sensed the passion and security from the writer, he would not know what and how mothers truly are. Hence, Jerry would not have made up the story. Children who have the gift of motherly love are always more happy and fulfilled than those who does not. In our society, we should encourage people who love children to adopt orphans and give them the love and care they deserve. These children should have the same privileges as those with a family. When kind parents adopt these orphans, they are also providing the children hope and happiness for their future.

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