My Father – a Person I Admire The Most

When I think of the person I admire most, many names come to mind. My sister, mother and some of my best friends. I wanted to write about Steve Jobs. He is the man who made me scream and changed the world. Then I decided to write about someone I admire and have influenced me greatly. My father has been an inspiration to me from the beginning. His perspective and personality have helped me to become who I am today. In his own small ways, he also has a huge impact on the world. His spare time is spent caring for stray animals, which motivates me to do so. My father taught me how to love through the gift of a rose that he gives my mother every day. All of us should treat our parents the same way because of his consistency and affection. My father is the source of all my knowledge about cars and sports. This is why I want to become a banker one day. This is why I want to tell you about the many personal characters that he has created in me.

First, I believe my father is different from everyone else. This conviction is not solely based on my love for him but also his personality. My father is the director of Institute of Improving Qualification, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Personnel. He is very disciplined in all areas of his life because of this. He taught me discipline, no matter what I do.

He is also friendly and cheerful. My mother always laughs at his silly antics. He is a very silly person and I love it when he’s with his family. He does his best to fulfill all of our wishes, but he also keeps it strict when necessary.

The third thing I love about my dad is his open and safe home. My siblings and I can freely discuss anything with him without fear of being judged or scolded. This has allowed us to not lie, something I’ve often observed with my friends.

Fourth, my father is very compassionate towards animals because of his deep love. He is a dedicated follower of his faith and is very generous. My father has never misbehaved with his elders, which makes it all the more inspiring to me. He is a good-natured, friendly, and peaceful person. He is not one to get into arguments with others. He is, on the contrary, helpful to all who might need him. He is always polite to let you know if he cannot help. For me, politeness is a favorite character. He believes in the power and importance of words and ensures that his words don’t touch anyone’s hearts.

My father is also the person I love most in my entire life. He is busy, but he never forgets about us. Although we have our problems, we resolve them as a family. He is also careful to ensure that everyone in the family is happy and lives harmoniously. If something goes wrong, it can cause us to lose our hearts.

Moreover. My father is unrivalled. My father is incomparable. He never grunts or groans, but he will always be patient with our poor manners. He made so many sacrifices for us that I realized how much he would never return. My father pushes me to be the best in every area of my life. My father is always there to help me when I’m feeling discouraged or need advice.

He taught me that you sometimes have to prioritize the needs of others over your own. But not so much that they can take advantage of you. He seems unbreakable even in difficult times and is determined to achieve anything he sets his heart to. He is a man I admire for his courage and determination to stand up for the things he believes in. His openness, compassion, and understanding are all things I admire. Although he is very reserved, he has a great sense for humor and can always put a smile in my eyes.

My father is a man of distinction. He is a man of great principles. I am proud of him. He is honest and brave. He is not willing to accept any hardship he might have to endure to stand for the truth.

He is also my ideal. He is hardworking. He is a hard worker and always finishes his work on time. This belief has been proved in his own life. He is very busy but still makes time to take us out on interesting trips. He enjoys writing poetry and travelogues, which he writes when he has the time. He enjoys writing about the places he visits when we are on holiday or an excursion. It is a pleasure to read his travel writing.

He is actually a keen reader. I can tell you that he has a large library of books. He is very particular about keeping his books tidy. His books are like new and can be sold at famous book shops. He is very strict and only allows me to read his books if they are clean and neat. He is known for his discipline. He is punctual and sticks to his timetable. He insists on my punctuality and that I be on time.

My father also enjoys playing different sports and encourages his friends in the same to keep fit. For many people, the biggest problem is getting up in the morning. He doesn’t like to stay up late. My father is the one I can turn to for advice whenever I need it. Children tend to be more close to their mothers and share their secrets more often with them. In my case, it’s different. My father is my confidante and I always run to him when I have questions. He is able to see the big picture and calm down my crazy thoughts. I don’t care if I get into a fight with friends, lose my concentration on school or can’t decide which co-curricular activity I should take part in. I know who to ask. He is very familiar with me and is worldly wise. Therefore, he gives me advice that takes into account both my nature and his experience.

Summarising, although I admire many people, my father is the one I admire most. Because my father knows best what is best for me. He is the most important person I have in my life. I don’t see any reason to live my life without him. He is the one who guides me through my childhood, offers me advice, supports me in all things, and always helps me. My father is a true superhero. I am always amazed at how he handles things both professionally and personally. My father was always tougher no matter what the circumstances were. I aspire to be like my father. My life would be much easier if I could inherit 10% of his wealth. Therefore, I will make every effort to ensure my father receives the best treatment once I’m done with school and begin working. In all areas of my life, I will try to be like him. Because i know I will never have another father in my lifetime, my father will always be a part of my heart.

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