My Goals and Ways to Achieve Them

This essay will be about my goals and how I plan on achieving them.

A goal is the desire to reach any goal you set. You can use goals to help you socially, mentally, and emotionally. Setting goals can help you keep on the right track and not fall off. If you don’t have a goal, you won’t know what you’ll do. A goal can help you have a positive outlook for the future. A goal can give you direction and increase your self-confidence.

Health is my first priority. Our bodies and lives are influenced by our health. My first goal in health is to get more sleep than I’m getting now. Sleep is essential for brain function, emotional wellbeing, daytime performance, personal safety, and brain health. Insufficient sleep can increase your risk of developing diseases like cancer or diabetes. You may also be more likely to get into an accident. To reach my goal, I will take the following steps: go to bed an hour earlier than usual and then wake up and fall asleep simultaneously. Not being tempted by my phone before I go to sleep.

Because academic goals are essential for long-term success, they are vital. To keep a 4.0 GPA and keep my grades high, I will be aiming to maintain good grades. To achieve this goal, I will study at least an hour the night before. I will also not procrastinate nor get distracted. The review/study guide will be studied in silence, so I won’t be distracted by any noises or electronic devices. I will also work to overcome my mistakes and improve my time management. This means that I will always be able to say that I must make an “A” on every assignment and that I must use my time productively and not waste it.

Your life goals can be very helpful in helping you achieve your future goals. My life goal is to attend college. Although college may not be right for everyone, it is something that I intend to do because of the career path I chose. A financial stability is another goal of mine. Because money is not something that can be taken from trees, I intend to use money responsibly. A proper mindset and balance is another important goal of mine. These are achievable by setting goals and creating positive habits.

These are my goals and the steps I will take to reach them. These goals will benefit me both mentally and emotionally. Although these steps may not be immediate, I am confident that they will help me long-term. Although they may take some time to get used to, if I have a positive mindset, I am able achieve anything.

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