Olympic Debate Speech Essay Example

Ladies and Gentlemen, adjudicator, chairman and fellow debaters. Firstly I would like to rebut the flaws in the oppositions arguments. Baron de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics said, These five circles represent the five parts of the world, bound by the Olympic idea. It is an honour to be part of the Olympics, a fantastic achievement to any country and individual. So would the world population be capable of giving up something so great that means so much to all of us. Our team has proven throughout this debate that it would be ludicrous to destroy an idea that has lasted throughout the ages to benefit us. Our first speaker Renee defined the topic and covered issues such as: *Olympic history *Para-lympics *Benefits Our second speaker Josh has proven our case and argued equally important issues such as: *Tourism *Achievements *Peace between countries *Economic growth The Olympic Games allows the best athletes in the world to match skill and endurance in a series of contests. Almost every nation sends teams of selected athletes to take part. The purposes of the Olympic Games are to foster the ideal of a “sound mind in a sound body” and to promote friendship among nations. If this is truly being achieved, why should the games be discontinued? How would athletes prove they are the very best? What better forum is there for the many people with disabilities? How else would we unite all nations to be at peace? What about the loss of economic growth should the games cease to exist? This is reason enough to continue the games for centuries to come. Our first speaker Renee educated you on Olympic history, to prove to you how valuable the games are. Olympic achievements are some of the most valuable memories in the history of the human race; we hold them in such high regard. This is one of many reasons to continue the games to leave more historic events for future generations. Josh our second speaker spoke about peace between nations. Our team sees this as an incredible achievement to be able to unite countries and for a second forget political issues and compete under the Olympic flag. At the Sydney Olympics no less than 197 countries competed. So I ask the affirmative how they would explain to those 197 united countries that they could no longer compete for a greater good. The answer is this is impossible to do. There is no way that we can ever forget the Olympic games, they are a part of all of us.