Pocahontas Essay Example

Pocahontas, a Disney film based on a real story, shows both similarity and difference. Its plot took place in the seventeenth century Virginia, one of the thirteen colonies, where it revolves around a Native American woman, Pocahontas, where she encounters Englishman John Smith and the English settlers that arrived with the Virginia Company. As the story Pocahontas was made into a Disney movie, the plot describes the dominant love between Pocahontas and John Smith. They meet in the woods, when John Smith just arrived from England to the New World, looking for savages. Pocahontas is a spiritual girl who follows her own spirit to find the right path, like what Grandmother Willow, a tree, had taught her and falls in love with him, as experiencing many obstacles. Disney’s representation of “Pocahontas” was inaccurate in portraying Pocahontas’ age, the timeline of when things occurred, and the actions of the characters.Disney’s representation of Pocahontas was inaccurate. Pocahontas had multiple names, which include Amonute, Matoaka, and Christian name Rebecca. She was the daughter of the chief of the Powhatans, a group of Algonquin Indians, and was born around 1596 in Jamestown, Virginia. By supporting the English settlers from struggling to survive in Virginia, she brought peace between them and her tribe. In addition, she was a highly respected woman in which the Native Americans and the colonists appreciated and John Smith and her father the chief listened to her. In contrast, Pocahontas was around 11 years old when she met John Smith, as he was around 27 years old at the time, however, the Disney film bumped Pocahontas’ age up to create the romance between them, in which they don’t look like their real age in the film. Yet, no one knew exactly if her mother died or if she has any other siblings but in the film, the viewers were told that her mother died and didn’t mention anything about her siblings, or if she doesn’t. On the contrary, Pocahontas met John Smith when he landed in America, although Pocahontas and her father did not meet him until he was captured by Powhatan’s brother Opechancanough in the winter of 1607, which is a few months later, as a result, they didn’t have the romance that the film had. John Smith returned to England after Pocahontas saved him from her father when John Smith placed his head down on two stones and was about to be executed, whereas Pocahontas stopped her father. On the other hand, Pocahontas and Powhatan were told that he died on his way to England in reality.

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