Themes of ‘heal The World’

The theme of “heal the world” is love, hope and peace. It expresses its hope that humanity can move beyond war to reach peace, friendship, and prosperity. It is a song that expresses the desire for love and longing for peace around the world. It wishes for a world filled with warmth and love. While all the countries believe that war will bring peace, they don’t realize that it will cause a lasting and painful hurt for the human race, especially children. Children are often left with severe mental and physical injuries. The song encourages people to get involved in making a better world.

The meaning of “There is a place in my heart and it is love” means that everyone can love, because they all have a heart. Their love will inspire them to be open-minded and willing to help others. Jackson (1991) says that every action we take can make the world a better place. “Heal the World” means that the world needs to be healed because it is filled with sorrowful moments. Many children suffer from poverty and war. The song urges us to help children and save them from this hell. The world can heal to create a better future for all people. “For you, for me and the whole human race” (Jackson 1991) refers to the actions we take in order heal the world. This is not just for one person but for all of humanity. Our actions will make the world better and change society. Jackson (1991) says that love cannot lie and that everyone must have someone who is open to helping them. Jackson, 1991. The expression “The world is heavenly” means that we can make our world as beautiful as the heavens by helping people who are less fortunate. “Crucify it’s soul, though its plainly visible, this world’s heavenly, God’s glow” Jackson, 1991 means that the god created this world to be a heaven. Humans should appreciate this and use their virtues to help others in this world. The author hopes that violence can be put to rest by allowing nations to turn their swords into ploughshares. “Together, we cry happy tears” (Jackson 1991) is a positive feeling.

It is difficult to feel this way when I listen. I feel sorry for these children, but I also hope that I can help them. This song makes me feel hopeful because I can see a future without war and poverty. This song makes me feel more energetic and ready to volunteer to help these children in need, who are the future.

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