Today Essay Example

Today, the emergence of information and communication technology (ICT) has greatly changed the human lifestyle. Communication and communication systems are increasingly easy and fast when relationships are no longer boundary boundaries. ICT is definitely a blessing, opportunity and challenge to us. The sophistication of information technology has empowered the media of communication where new media has been able to defeat traditional media as well as open space to all types of organizations to have it and exploit it. The revolution of ICT development will always happen in everyday life that will change our world and our lives.Now, cloud computing or cloud computing has been trending to most companies around the world as it can provide cost savings to servers and maintenance of ICT resources. Additionally, it allows data access to be done anywhere as long as it has an Internet connection. Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing where the source of software and information is supplied on demand. The cloud refers to cloud symbols that describe the Internet (Internet cloud). For example, this cloud computing process occurs when you save data such as pictures, video clips or voice recordings to a website. Then, you can access the stored data from any device from other places such as from other computers, other laptops, tablet computers or from mobile phones via an Internet connection. Cloud computing services for personal use such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and 4Shared have been used by most people every day. At present, the cloud services market has been dominated by several suppliers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Cloud Computing has its own unique future like Apple which has created icloud applications to enable cloud computing activities to run through their devices such as MacBooks, iPhones or iPads. Cloud computing can be run anytime, anywhere, usually by using a free website or free web application such as Google Docs. According to Ballmer, “Cloud Computing Microsoft, can also be used as a tool to help promote and transform Malaysia into a high-income economy by 2020. We fully support the Malaysian innovation agenda” (Utusan Malaysia, 26 May 2010) This clearly shows that cloud computing technology has time bright fronts and have great potential for efficiency, cost savings and innovation to companies and cooperatives in Malaysia. Additionally, the current situation of the user is easy to achieve high speed broadband connectivity which should necessarily be utilized along with this cloud computing technology.

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