Why is Math Important: Essay on Mathematics in Everyday Life

Mathematical knowledge is essential for every person in their daily lives. The world would be dangerous without mathematics. It would be impossible to make most of the current inventions and discoveries. It would be a complete no. The world has come a long way since maths played a major role in its development (Benacerraf P. 1991). It is as fascinating and challenging as it sounds. However, this all depends on the individual. Why is math so important? This essay is based on my knowledge of mathematics.

What is the best way to use math every day? Let me begin by describing how mathematics has influenced my life. Since I began learning mathematics, numbers have provided me with an ideal environment. When I started my elementary education, counting was the first thing that impressed me. It was fascinating to know that I could count like any adult who taught me. My first mathematics exam was a huge success. I fell in love with mathematics after being the best in my math class. It was all I could think of. This discipline has always given me a strong sense of belonging. It is because it is something I find very special compared to other subjects, and I have always done well from the first time I was taught it. Since then, I have been confident and know that I can improve my speed thinking.

Second, I want to mention the Math units I will be taking in my major in Telecommunications Engineering. These two units will be crucial in my success and safety. Analytical Geometry will help me understand Trigonometry better. This will affect the sine and cosine forms of waves that I study in the major. Calculus will help me understand how to solve equations for different expressions. Mathematical skills will be crucial in my future career. They will be used to verify accuracy and provide solutions and long mathematic calculations. It will also be used to tackle multiple problems from different angles, without being restricted to one discipline. Mathematical skills are important in my everyday life, despite my career and studies. This includes simple calculations that are accurate, financial planning, and basic counting that can apply in the home.

I also used the internet to help me with my Mathematical skills. EdReady is a site that has been very helpful. It can even be used as a solution to future Mathematical problems. It offered many study topics with clear explanations. The site also provided step-by-step guidance and carefully illustrated examples so even novice students could grasp the concepts. There were also study questions that could be used offline to help you practice. This was very helpful as it helped me to recognize when I needed to think outside the box and how to respond to a question. I finally got over this embarrassing problem. Now I can breathe easily and have a clear head. The site was easy to use from the beginning, with instructions to create an account and how to take the lessons.

Let me conclude by saying that mathematics is an essential discipline in everyone’s lives. Because math can be approached in many ways, it allows one to think creatively and to find solutions to problems. You can also be more alert to avoid making mistakes and aim for accuracy. Mathematics can be one of the greatest things that ever happened to someone, let’s be real. It takes only a few steps to reach success in Mathematics. As you can see from my essay, mathematics is essential in every day life. The world would be less prosperous and a worse place to live without this discipline.

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