Women of the World

Attention single men. Are you looking for a loving woman? If so what type of woman are you looking for? Do you even know what types of women there are? No, well then let me tell you. Basically there three types or groups of women in the world: the seekers, the layabouts and the bystanders.

The seekers are the women who openly search for a man. These are the women who most of the time receive a bad name. The seekers are very open and try anything to find a companion. This desire sometimes allows the womens standards of what they are looking for in a man to be lowered. When they lower these requirements they sometimes in the long run may cause the relationship to fall apart when they dont receive what they need. As a result they end up they a lot of bad relationships, which is how the get those bad names.

The layabouts are the women who just lay around waiting to marry a rich man, or to find some one to take care of them. These women maybe at times very fussy or full of complaints about the man they are dating. This nagging may seem endless. Often they are very picky about whom they date and where they go when they go out. The bystanders are the women are or neither looking for a man or waiting for one. The bystanders are the women who are just living their lives when they suddenly met the man.These women are the most complex of the three types of women. This is because they are not drive to have a man for anything. They are total independent. Out of the three types of women the seekers, the layabouts, and the bystanders who would you choose? Bibliography:

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