Courage Essay Example

Courage Courage is moral strength that allows us to withstand hardships and fear. People believe that courage implies firmness of the mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty. Muhammad Ali the famous boxer jumped over all the hurdles that were in his way to his success, and he did not give by keeping is courage. Courage allows us through many difficulties and helps us get over our fear.

Many times in life we find ourselves entangled in many problems, and the solution to that is courage. Few years back I felt very troubled because of personal problems. I was aggravated and I thrust my head into my hands and wept. I kept repeating to myself , “I can’t do it,” but another voice screamed in my head , ” Yes you can,” and I realized that it was my courage speaking. I rose up looking very ambitious because I knew that I would face my problems head on. Stephen writes,”Still he climbs and you start to understand how Erik learned to face the world.” Despite all the limitations Erik faced, he continued with his desires and didn’t back down. Even though he was physically limited, he did not let himself feel dejected. I can understand the difference Erik made for himself by not letting others put him down. I felt the difference just like Erik did because I to, didn’t let the bad situations get to me, and I also used my courage like Erik did.

Fear is something that we often find ourselves associated with, and courage helps us surpass it. I have always been afraid of swimming, and one day I found myself in a situation in which I had to go into a pool. I slowly made my way down as I counted, “first step, second step, third step oh, my gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Slowly, I found myself enjoying my short swim, and I had fantastic time because I conquered my fear by using courage. Teresa says, “I want to jumpand swim somewhere, safe.” Teresa was afraid of what people say about her disability and that’s why she felt ashamed in front of Jaime’s presence. But, she realized that she had to let him now about her condition. I can understand how Teresa felt after she let Jaime discover the truth, because she felt free. I felt the same way when I got rid of my fear of swimming and felt thrilled afterwards.

After considering these passages, I’ve realized that courage is very essential for us. Everyone has courage and it helps every one , and makes life a whole lot simpler.