Developing personal skills empowers individuals to take control over their health Essay Example

Developing personal skills empowers individuals to take control over their health. This is through educating, providing information and enhancing life skills. Through ABSTUDY it allows students to seek education and information to learn skills and gain knowledge to enhance their health and make new opportunities. This will allow them to make a healthy life for themselves as they each are provided will advanced skills that will allow them to complete their studies in year 12 to lead a long successful life. Building healthy public policy uses funding, legislation and policies to create an environment that provides equity and good health for all. By continuing to implement strategies in enforcing children to start schooling allows for better education and a successful life later on. The strategy Early Childhood Education has significantly improved a child’s development especially cognitive. This addresses equity as the Remote School Attendance strategy (RSAS) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities aims to enhance their school attendance. This is by working with families, schools and communities in ensuring the students go and keep their attendance up which will help provide an effective education for all children to have a successful life. Creating supportive environments is implementing strategies, whilst maintaining a healthy environment that promotes health and caters for all needs. Early childhood education also provides an access to all children which allows them to all to participate and learn while creating a successful future which supports diversity this is through allowing all children of all aspects join and learn.Re-orienting health services acts to provide preventative measures to increase and promote health. The government has invested in programs that will target the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s food intake and nutritional levels to increase their health. This program has educed the likelihood of chronic diseases and promote them to have better health whilst also significantly improving mortality rates for example, Indigenous mortality rates have declined significantly by 14 per cent since 1998. (Prime ministers report, 2018, pg. 104)Strengthening community actions is to produce and implement strategies that aim to meet the required need in that community. The government provides financial support through ABSTUDY which aims to increase the access and participation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders student’s higher levels in schools.