Kyle Swanson Essay Example

New York I know of a interesting place where people flock to in hope of success. I on the other hand have been to this place twice as a tourist. People call it the big apple or the city that never sleeps. Its home to Wall Street and the world champion Yankees. This place is called New York.

I go to New York annually to see Jake a friend of mine who lives there. He is my best friend and went into the Air Force two years ago and ended up in New York. Its hard to raise enough money to get to New York and still have enough money to go to school, but I manage. New York is strange, peculiar, and mysterious all in one. If you drive a vehicle in New York you better be ready to spend some money. To cross just one of the many bridges you must pay a toll of about six dollars.

To park your car anywhere in downtown New York for a day, itll cost you around twenty two bucks on the average. Also, just driving downtown can be hazardous for you and your car. Its scary to see taxi cabs with grill bars all the way around the vehicle, and to see paint spots on it and dents where they have hit some one. The neat thing about driving in New York is that when you honk your cars horn everybody does the same with theirs. It makes a car symphony played through out the streets.

A good place to go to see what New York is really like is Central Park. Its so fascinating to watch what people do to make a buck. I saw a performance where two guys where performing a mime act for money. At the end of their routine people threw them money, and then they moved to another location in the park and did the same routine for a different crowd. People where carrying around briefcases full of fake fossil watches trying to sucker people into buying them.

Another person was trying to sell stolen cell phones to people who didnt know any better. Basically these people were trying to make it in New York the wrong way. Jake and I visited the Sears Towers, and its amazing how tall they are. From the bottom looking up it looks as if the skyscrapers are rocking from side to side. Looking from the top at the small world below was something else! I thought New York was big, but from up there it looked so small. I was planning on seeing the Statue of Liberty, but we missed the boat that would have taken us there. I recommend that if you ever visited New York find out when the boat launches are to the Statue.

I plan on seeing it next year.