Recycling is a huge part of the environment Essay Example

Recycling is a huge part of the environment. It converts old products to new reuseable products like plastic bottles, drink cans and papers. In school we use many of these accessible materials and we never recycle and instead throw it out in the trash, sometimes schools don’t provide any recycling options. Some reasons why we should partake in recycling is because it saves energy, improves global and natural resources, creates new demands, and minimizes the build up of landfills.One reason why you should recycle is because it saves energy. Removing and processing natural recources to make accessible materials requires lots of energy. When recycling the products being recycled, it requires less energy to make them into usable materials. Removing and extracting aluminum ore, it uses a massive amount of energy, by recycling aluminum products we can save up to ninety-five percent of energy.Furthermore, another reason why we should recycle because improves global and natural resources. Deforestation is an example of harming the environment. It’s the act of eliminating trees so that it can be converted into another space(farmland, urban areas). While this is to make products from wood, this doing destroys habitats for animals and increase in carbon dioxide. Tress help collect carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide, which is a harmful gas is bad for the environment and too much of it can cause global warming. If we recycle we can prevent deforestation and put a break to the exploitation of forests, wetlands, etc.Additionally, another reason why we should recycle is so that we can create new demands. If more people recycling it causes more demands in industries and creation of jobs, It’s a great opportunity for people that don’t have jobs. Recycling creates ten times more employment opportunities than landfill waste industries. In addition, recycling minimizes the build up of landfills. Landfills are areas built for waste and disposal. The amout of waste disposal in the present-day is flaring at a dangerous rate. With the increase of population we might run out of land due to landfills. Many items in landfills can also cause water and air pollution. Landfills near oceans can cause landfill overflow by rain and polluting the ocean water. Many items in landfills take many years to decompose and some don’t compose, such as glass and styrofoam. These things never decompose and will always stay at landfills causing dangerous gases and air quality issues.