Police are now investigating the crime scene of sixteen-year-old boy Andy Essay Example

Police are now investigating the crime scene of sixteen-year-old boy Andy. Reported around midnight, witness stated that they had found Andy near the streets in a deep ally. On Andy’s body was major stab wounds just below his rib cage which had been drawn across his body violently. Police are unsure on all the details of Andy’s murder, but they do believe that this was a gang violence. Evidence found on the crime scene was a bright purple silk jacket with lettering across the back on the jacket reading ‘THE ROYALS’. One out of the two most dangerous gangs in city, Andy is believed to be part of the Royals ambushed by their rival, the Guardians. Police had also conducted interview with some witness, including an unidentified man who was sorry and regrets that he wasn’t sober enough to realized that Andy was dying. ” I wish I could go back and be sober, and helped the poor kid, I really regret it.” Another two teen witness who add: “We were just heading home when we heard some strange noise, like a low animal’s grunt … so we decide to check it out and all we saw was a body lying down still … but when we got closer we saw his Royals jacket … and after that we were unsure if we should’ve report it or not because we didn’t want to become mixed up in this violence.” The witnesses who decided to remain anonymous had come across Andy before his death. While reporting the incident could have save Andy’s life, outsiders who interfere with gang rivalry would have been endangered. After while Laura, Andy’s girlfriend was the one who had found and reported to the police about Andy, in an interview with her she had to say: “We were just together at this dance and I remember him telling me that he was going to get a package of cigarettes, and he would be back in a few minutes. After a long while I got started to worry because it was almost half an hour since he was gone, so I decide to look for him but … it was too late.” In shock from her boyfriend death, Laura had rush to find help as quickly as she could. The cop who had first arrived at the crime scene had add that: “Yeah … that night I remember some girl running hysterically towards me, she was out of breath like she was being chased by something. Of course, I followed her and when we arrive to the scene that Royal kid was long dead.” Concerns has risen in the neighborhood with the increase of gang violence. The police department have asked the community for anyone with any details to