Where I See Myself in 10 Years: Essay on My Future Plans

Where do I see myself in 10 years?

What do you see yourself as in 10 years, 20 years or 30 years from now? This is my essay. This question has been a topic of my essay many times. It is said that time passes so quickly without our realizing it. In a matter of seconds, a few years have passed. People often say that a year can be passed in a blink of an eye. But 10 years is a long time. Many adjustments can be made in ten years and you can become a completely different person. I’d be 36 years old in 10 years. At thirty-six years old, I can see that my bucket list has exceeded half my achievements. If I have not achieved them, I will work towards them to make my life complete. Being active is something I love to do. I do this not only to be healthy but to also make it easier to do different things.

In sports, I hope to be able to swim and skateboard, win a few badminton matches with my friends, and conquer Bukit Srang Helang in under an hour. Additionally, I enjoy Japanese animation and Korean variety shows. As an independent person, my goal was to learn Korean language without any classes. So that I don’t need to rely on others to sub the shows with English subtitles, At the moment, I am able to read and write in Korean but have limited comprehension. In the next three years, I expect to be able communicate fluently both in Korean and Japanese. As far as life skills go, I was able to understand how to budget before turning 30. I am the third of five siblings. Although I’m not the oldest, I can share responsibilities with my older siblings while providing a good environment for my family.

Apart from that, I can understand car problems and change tires quickly. My career is a passion project. Once I start work, my top priority is to learn the skills I need and enjoy my job. I am a lab technician and my primary duty is to verify that the liquid purity has been as stated on the paper. Next, process the liquid to the desired concentration and pressure. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, I must also communicate well with engineers. But I don’t plan to stop there. I also hope that I can grow in this role to be more involved in exciting community projects. If there’s an opportunity to advance and I have the skillset and experience required, I will do my best to take on a new challenge.

Ten years later, I’m able to bring new ideas and innovations into the company, share some of my skills, and guide new employees in achieving the company’s goals in expanding its product and service offerings. As such, I can help the company grow its revenues and client base. Where do I see me in 10 years? This essay shows me that I would like to have made a positive and significant impact on the company in ten years.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

What do you see yourself as in five years? This question can be answered best by essay. I have two goals for the next five years: To attend BVCTC for two years, to move to Maine and get a career as a Criminal Justice Officer while simultaneously attending Purdue University Online College for Forensic Technology & Psychology. This alone will take between 2 and 4 years, depending on how fast my work progresses. Because college is my foundation for my future success, I want to make as much as possible so that my children don’t have to live with unfulfilled parents wondering how they will feed them. I love puzzles and the complexity of thinking required to figure out the identity, motivations, and personality of the criminal. It is fascinating to examine the mind of a human being (even if that involves dissecting it) and figure out its workings. Forensic Psychology has to do with figuring out the way a criminal/killer/suspect thinks, acts, walks, talks, and simply their general daily life. Once you have a clear understanding of the personality and mental state, everything else becomes ‘elementary.’

The television shows that I grew up watching, like Bones, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order SVU, were what inspired me to pursue the career path that I chose. The progression of theses from investigators was fascinating to me. One example is Doctor Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds, Episode 4, ‘Plain Sight’. He once stated that profiling a suspect was like finding a needle among a bunch of needles. When referring to the difficulty of finding suspects who can hide in plain view, such as Ted Bundy, a needle would be seen. As Dr. Reed is confident in statistics, I can also relate to him. This was evident in Season 4, Episode 9, ’52 Pickup’. Bones’ season 1 episode “The woman in the tunnel” features Doctor Temperance Brennan stating that every society has its bottom-dwellers and that each society fears their bottom-dwellers as they are a symbol for what can happen in that society if it fails. This is why we fear crime, consequences, and punishments so much. We fear becoming the bottom dwellers we eagerly seek to replace with normal humans. But in a way, I believe that all of us are bottom dwellers. Although we all have the potential to commit crime, some people even think about it. However, they don’t plan or execute what is coming to their mind. This includes thoughts of self-destruction, or Appel Du Vide, which translates as ‘the call to the void’. This is why I aspire to a career that involves more criminal profiling discovery. While it may not be possible in 5 years, and I know it will take longer to get the education I need, I will do everything I can to make my dream come true. My perseverance will triumph over all else to create the future I desire for myself and for my children.

Where do I see me in five years? Let me conclude by saying that my next five years will be dominated only by school. After completing my Associates at BVCTC, I plan to move out of the state and continue my online education. Many television shows have inspired me and I know that my career will not be the same. But I will succeed in getting the job I have always wanted. Tom Bradley once said, “The only thing that can stop you from achieving the job of your dreams is yourself.” I will not let this stop me.

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