Why Sharp Increase in The Army

“This essay will discuss why SHARP cases continue to rise in the Army. The Army’s SHARP program aims to end and prevent sexual harassment and assault. These incidents are likely to continue growing because of Soldiers’ chain of command, alcohol intake, and soldiers being too proud or scared to report any sexual assault.

These cases are handled by the Soldier’s chain-of-command. Sexual assault is handled by the chain of command. They have an impact on sexual assault cases. This could lead to soldiers fearing retaliation. One example is when a woman reported sexual assault to her chain of command. She was then told she would face adultery charges. The Army’s policy regarding sexual assault should be enforced by the chain of command. They have the responsibility to take each case seriously and provide guidance. They should not blame victims based upon their past. “Some victims with a poor performance record or a reputation for promiscuity are targeted by serial offenders.” These events could lead to the Soldier not reporting and the offender continuing to sexually assault other victims.

Increased sexual assault is often caused by alcohol. Their sobriety drops when Soldiers consume alcohol. Soldiers want to be able make clear, concise decisions. Unconscious soldiers could cause disastrous consequences. Manipulation could lead to them taking part in activities they don’t normally enjoy. This could lead to a series unfortunate events that can drastically alter a Soldier’s lives. “Alcohol made us feel loose and the accident caused this situation. “I would not have crossed that line if I had never drank alcohol.” Soldiers are no longer able to give their consent. They are more susceptible to the alcohol-induced effects. This can lead to harassment and even assault.

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