Why I Choose to Study Transportation Engineering

With a 2.86 CGPA, I completed my undergraduate civil engineering studies at University of South Asia Lahore in Pakistan on 31 August 2016. I was a brilliant student during my undergraduate studies. I was involved in both Curriculum and co-curricular activities. I was an excellent player in football, cricket, and tag of war. I was an active donor to the university’s blood donation society. I have donated blood numerous times, and I’m proud of it. I’m also ready to give it back if needed. My final year thesis was on “Characteristics and Behavior of Wagon Drivers in Lahore, Pakistan”. I was the leader of the group of four. Lahore, the provincial headquarter of Punjab province is the largest province in Pakistan. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to complete my final year thesis under the guidance of Engr Prof. Tanveer Iqbal Qayyum, who is also known as “The Founder and Founder of Transportation Engineering” in Pakistan. Under his guidance, I learned many things about Transportation Engineering. Our project had two main purposes: to identify the characteristics of drivers and then determine how accidents can be avoided. A driver is responsible for his or her passengers’ safety as well as for other road users. Our group visited all Lahore roads for our final thesis project. We interviewed wagon divers and asked them different questions. We asked questions about their income, education, routes, and police behavior. We also visited various government departments. We conducted surveys for nearly six months and collected all the data. Finally, my hard work paid off and I received an A+ grade for my final presentation. Because transportation engineering is a promising field in Pakistan, I made the decision to pursue higher education in transportation engineering.

I am socially active. My friends and I formed a society to fight drug addiction. We used to collect money and spend it on the welfare of the society. I left this society to pursue higher education in Lahore. Positive behavior is what I look for in people. I was able to meet people from many cultures and traditions during my higher education. It will be a great help to me in the future to meet people from other countries or regions.

Because Transportation engineering plays a key role in the lives of people and economies in different countries around the world, I would love to pursue a master’s in engineering transportation. My motto is to improve society and my country. I need to have a deeper understanding of transportation engineering and design in order to be a competent and skilled transportation engineer. I will strive to have the best of all things during my studies. I believe I can achieve my goals and become a transportation engineer and designer through higher education. I will be able to improve my skills through higher education. I will do my best to pass my knowledge on to others in my society. It will enable me to be a better human being and a more useful citizen in my country as well.

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