My Life Essay Example

When I was little I grew up around trees. Every where you looked there where tall trees. When I was eight I notice in the backyard there was this huge pine tree, there were two pieces of wood at the top of the tree. As if someone tried to build a fort in it. I went to the shed and grabbed some wood and tools to build on to it.

I put all the tools in a backpack. I climbed to the little pieces of wood; it felt like it took forever to get to it. When I got to the top of the tree, I put my stuff down and sat down on the two pieces of wood. It was very windy up there. I had to remove a few limbs from the top to make some head room. Now was the hard part, I had to get the big peaces of plywood up there so I could start adding on. I went and got some rope from the shed and I pulled it up there, I dropped it a couple of time but I did get a roof on it. After about three mouths it had stared to rain. I had a roof and two walls; it even had a door that folded up. I didnt go up there very much because it was wet. It was dry in the fort, but going up the tree was a very wet and slippery trip. In fact thats how I fell out of the tree. It was about a day after it stopped raining. I started to climb up the tree. My hands were very dirty and they had this green stuff on it. Everything was dry except for the bark of the tree. I got to the fort and my sister told me that I had a phone call. So as I climbed down the tree it was very slippery. Then I lost my footing and fell. I dont know how far I a fell but it felt like it was forever. The only thing I could think about is how much it was going to hurt when I hit bottom. As I was falling I guess I had my hands over my head, because I caught a limb with my right hand. So I was just hanging from the tree with one hand, once I realized what was going on I pulled my self into the tree. It was very hard to climb down the rest of the tree because I had the shakes so bad.

After I fell I only went up there one more time, to get the pepsi I left up there. That fall scared the living hell out of me. That was when I realized that I was not invincible. I had the shakes for a week after that, the more I thought about it, the more shakes I got. Even today I get the shakes when I think about it. After about a year we had some people come and cut some trees down and that was one of them. After the tree fallers left. I was going to see if I could find the tree so that I could pull the wood off of it, I never found the tree but I did find one of the walls. Words / Pages : 562 / 24

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