Have you cheated before on something so minor or very large Essay Example

Have you cheated before on something so minor or very large? Without a doubt everyone has cheated before in some way or another. But it all matters if you where caught or not. The most common place known for cheating is in school. Students are the most vulnerable, lazy, and distracted in school. Those who are caught experience many different types of consequences. Those who get away with cheating will also be punished as well. There is no happy ending when you cheat on something you are capable of accomplishing with hard work. The most recognized ways of cheating are by copying homework, plagiarizing, and looking at someone else’s test. Nothing good comes from cheating in school, it ends up being that you cheat yourself. In schools these days, there are different types of students that are most seen for the need to cheat. Students who are lazy and have no urge to learn during school. They are the one’s who end up skipping school and putting off their homework making it seem impossible for them to pass any classes. Unfortunately, they conform to cheating, which helps them pass. What they don’t notice when they cheat is that they are not learning anything by stealing someone’s hard work. There may be great benefits to cheating such as good grades, more free time, and no worries, but when the time comes like a final that you can’t cheat on, then that’s when reality catches up. One day after schooling you need to know what you learned in school but you wont remember anything because you never actually learned anything accept to cheat.Once someone begins cheating and getting away with it, that is when it becomes a habit. That person will believe that cheating is defiantly worth it with all the good grades for no work. But as time catches up with them they will realize that they can’t cheat and will have to learn everything from the beginning. What if a cheater gets caught? The answer is tricky because it’s up to the teacher or school to decide. Some teachers are very strict with teaching and making sure their students learn. They wont tolerate cheating, which can result in a cheater being punished or even expelled from school. In order that they learn from what they have done. Then there are the easy-going teachers who will catch someone cheating and will only give them a warning and then let them off the hook. That is a terrible way to punish someone for cheating because that will not stop them. If anything it makes them want to try more and push their luck because they know they wont be punished for it.

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