Equal rights history Essay Example

Throughout history equal rights has always been a major issue in the United States, and around the world. People have fought and even died to protect their rights and the rights of others in this country. Most people assume that colored citizens are the only ones that are affected by the lack of equal rights, but thats not true. Women have been discriminated against since the beginning time, but in present day that is greatly diminishing.

Today women and men do have equal rights by law, and that only holds aloft in the court houses. On the streets women have to deal with a different story every day of their lives. No matter where a woman goes she feels like she is inferior to most men. Men have always been the manipulate sex, that is a proven fact, but women should not have to feel that way at all. Due to their sex women have always been deprived of many things that they have worked hard for all their lives, such as, jobs, education, government funding and aid, salary, and privileges. I am sure that is not all, but it is many of the main necessities of living in this country.

In my opinion I have always felt that women and men should have equal rights. We are both human, we both cry, and we both bleed. There is no reason why women should have fewer rights in this country, or any where else. There are many women that are capable of completing any job a man could accomplish, and sometimes even doing better. Women are more compassionate and express their feelings more openly then men do. I think that would be a key asset in large business, they would feel bad for us men and we would have a better opportunity for receiving a job. Women also have a lot more patience I know it is not true all the time, but most of the females I know seem to be a little more patient then us men. Having more patience would result in fewer problems and save money in long term decision making. I have never really known a woman that was discriminated against personally so it is hard for me to understand what they go through. Every female that I have became close to are great individuals, and I wouldnt want them to change for anyone. I learned a lot of great facts, feelings, and a great deal on how to be a better person from females, so why should they be treated differently? When It comes down to it, women are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Men and women should have been equal in the past and they should now. Hopefully with the change of times more women will step up for themselves and let society know how important they are. Bibliography:

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