The Importance of Self Love

Because I have learned who I am, loving myself is essential to my life. Loving myself has been an integral part of my life. Even though I was not able to love myself at times in my life. It was not easy to be able love oneself. It was difficult for me because I had low self-esteem and had always seen myself as an outsider. Every person at one time in their lives needs to love themselves. This is why I believe that loving yourself is one the most joyous things in your life.

It’s much easier to be happy with yourself than it is to love someone else. In my case, I felt I needed to be like everyone else. This meant that I needed to expect society to be like me. I was required to wear uniforms in elementary school. Girls would wear dresses and I would also wear dresses. I didn’t see myself as pretty as the girls in their dresses. I thought that I didn’t live up to my “expectations”. It wasn’t my expectations, it was society’s expectations. I realized this later. I would follow the example of others. I used to read about social media in middle school. It was a way for me to be able to follow the example of others. It’s true that you could have taken it any way, but it was my way.

Teenagers with low self-esteem find middle school difficult. I found middle school difficult because of the bullying. Because of the way they picked on others, I hated to see them upset. I decided to give compliments and ask how others were doing. When people learned to love themselves, and had someone to talk to during difficult times, it made a difference in helping them. It helped me because they asked me how I was doing and I would be given compliments. This made me feel more confident in who I am. In my teen years, it has helped me to see that socializing helps one love themselves. It is possible to discover who you are and what your potential can be by being social. Ask someone how they are doing. Then, have a conversation. Be open to listening and showing love. Positive feedback can be received by simply being positive. I have received respect from caring people and they are positive about my life.

Everyone should be able love themselves first before they can love other people. You can only love yourself when you are happy. Accepting yourself and being the person you want to be can make other people happy. My day went so much more smoothly when I learned to love myself. Loving oneself is powerful and can also be a positive influence on others. Loving oneself is something that everyone should do.

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